Top 5 Small Folding Tables

If your looking for the most durable, affordable, and suitable small folding table that money can buy, then you have come to the right place. We have professionally reviewed and evaluated the top 5 small folding tables available on and have made our discoveries available to you hear! (FREE of charge)

Small Folding Table Top 5 List:

    1. National Public Seating 60″ Length x 30″ Width -This Folding Table is PERFECT for your outdoor parties and family gatherings. It features a 60 inch long blow molded, UV protected, 1.75 inch thick plastic table top with a steel frame that can hold up to 1,000 lbs of weight. It comes in speckled gray color, but can easily be covered with a tablecloth to add some life. This table alone has 138 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. It is durable, affordable, and the legs fold in to make it compact and easy to storage.
    2. Adams Manufacturing 8500 Quik-Fold® – This Small Folding table fits the description a little better as it is a little smaller than most, but will be an instant hit as an accent table for your lawn and garden or patio. With dimensions of 17.4 length x 15.2 width x 19.8 height… it is available in 14 DIFFERENT colors! It folds flat so that it can be stored easily and can be used to hold books, laptops, shades, and more. At just $12.98 this table is a steal.
    3. Office Star 4-Foot Resin Multipurpose Table – This folding table is two feet shorter than the first but is currently the #1 ranked small folding table in the office tables with over 280 reviews and 4.5 out of 5 average. With straight legs that are a narrower in width, it needs a solid and level surface to stand on. Most importantly it is waterproof, stainproof, and scratch and impact resistant. Its measurements are 24 wide x 48 long x 29.2 inches tall.
    4. Lifetime Personal Table – This small folding table combined with a chair, creates an instant desk at your convenience. With dimensions of 20 wide x 30 long it has an adjustable height option that makes it perfect for children or adults. Made with of high-density polyethylene; its stronger, lighter and more durable than wood. We listed this at #4 because it has a rating average of 5 out of 5 with over 400 reviews. This table ROCKS!
    5. Lifetime 80160 4-Foot Commercial Adjustable Height Folding Table – This table makes the list based upon its versatility and functionality. Its not as obtrusive as a 6 foot table, two of them together make up the distance of a common wall length, and its can be used indoor or outdoors based on the stand design. Also, it has an adjustable height feature that makes it usable in any setting. Best of all its rust resistant and…It’s backed by a 10 – year warranty!!!If you didn’t see one you liked, just Click this link for a listing of small folding tables available at

Bonus: Cheap Coffee Table

As an added bonus we reviewed a cheap coffee table that is notable for its price, functionality, and color options:

  • Furinno (99976E) Espresso Living Set – At just $38.48 this is a deal for a coffee table that looks this nice. You probably can’t find one at IKEA for cheaper than this. It features 3 different color schemes, a magazine rack, and stylish but functional design that’s unbeatable for the price.